About Us

Proven M&A advisors.

ACT Capital Advisors, LLC is an M&A advisory firm that represents lower middle market companies across a variety of industries, including industrial, technology, construction, healthcare, aerospace, consumer and outsourced services. We provide M&A advisory services to closely held, family-owned, private equity sponsored and corporate shareholders that wish to sell all or a portion of their company, a division, a product line or a subsidiary.

Clients appreciate our boutique approach­, pairing the professional expertise of a national investment bank with the senior level attention and entrepreneurial creativity of a smaller firm. We work with our clients on a highly personalized basis. Our intent is not to be everything to everybody. Instead, we measure our success on the depth of our relationships with clients and the outstanding results achieved for them.

We seek to obtain the most advantageous terms available in the marketplace, while maintaining high professional standards. Our Advisors are sensitive to the time pressure associated with M&A transactions, yet understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining quality, confidentiality and integrity throughout the entire process.

The Team

  • Robert Hild
    Chairman and Managing Director
  • Michael Vanderslice
    Managing Director
  • Curtis Case
    Principal and Managing Director
  • K. Perry Campbell
    Senior Advisor
  • Stephen Spencer, CFA
    Managing Director
  • John Norton
    Managing Director
  • Gary Gessel
    Managing Director
  • Matthew Latimer
    Managing Director
  • John D. Laslavic, LPBC
    Managing Director
  • Thomas Feher
    Managing Director
  • Paul Hajek
    Managing Director
  • Bond Aster
    Managing Director
  • Chris Sheppard
    Vice President
  • Trevor Hill
  • Troy Jenkins
    Senior Associate
  • Dominick Sciola
  • Mike Seeley
  • Spencer Mueller
  • Diana Altchech
    Merger and Acquisition Advisor
  • George E. Gifford
    Senior Advisor
  • Adriana Maxwell