Two Things Your Private Business-Owning Clients Need to Know Right Now

Many business owners have been navigating their companies through 2020’s economic headwinds—perhaps unaware of important new market data that could affect their exit planning. Here is what they need to know now: Supply and Demand Dynamics Are Driving Valuations Above Pre-COVID Levels for the Right Companies According to some estimates, only about half of all … Continued

ACT Capital Advisors Announces Launch of COVID-19 Resource Center

ACT has launched a new section of its website dedicated to helping business owners find the best financing options ACT Capital Advisors has formed a cross-functional Corona Virus Response Team to assist business owners in navigating the rapidly changing economic, financial, and policy environments impacted by COVID-19. The Team has compiled information that assists business … Continued

ACT Capital Advisors Represents Rainier Welding, Inc in its Sale to Ranch Creek Partners, LLC

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to announce the acquisition of their client, Rainier Welding, Inc by Ranch Creek Partners, LLC. Rainier Welding specializes in fabricated steel structures used in the transportation and marine sectors. ACT’s deal team included Michael Vanderslice, Managing Director and Chris Sheppard, Vice President. The shareholders of Rainier Welding were seeking an … Continued

How to Work Through Change

Change and conflict are both inevitable and constant. However, the reactions to change differ depending on the impact, severity, sense of personal control/ involvement, cultural expectations and environmental factors. Using various sources, I developed a model that describes the different reactions to change. Generally, there are four observable behaviors: Denial Denial can vary from a … Continued

ACT Capital Advisors Closes a Record Number of Deals in 2019

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to announce 14 closed transactions for 2019, making it another record-breaking year. In addition, ACT’s average transaction size was up over 40% from 2018.  Bob Hild, ACT’s Chairman said, “I would like to thank our team of professionals for their outstanding performance in 2019. In 2019 we continued to expand … Continued

10 Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Download the free link below to read about the 10 most common mistakes small business owners make. Help your business grow quickly by avoiding these common mistakes. Check out our website to learn more about our services.

ACT Capital Advisors Advises Assured Technology Solutions on its Sale to Savara Holdings, Inc.

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to announce the sale of Assured Technology Solutions (ATS) to Savara Holdings, Inc.  ACT acted as the advisor to ATS. Founded in 2001, ATS is an IT Solutions and Managed Services Provider (MSP) specializing in network infrastructure and desktop support services. The Company’s approach is to partner with its business clients … Continued

ACT Capital Advises Regtech Innovator Erado Corporation on its Sale to Zix Corporation

ACT Capital Advisors (ACT) is pleased to announce that it advised Erado Corporation on its sale to Zix Corporation (Zix), (Nasdaq: ZIXI), a leader in email security. With the acquisition, Zix strengthens its comprehensive archiving solutions with unified archiving, supervision, security, and messaging solutions for customers that demand bundled services. With more than 18,000 customers … Continued

Medical Technology Acquisition Opportunity

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to offer Medical Technology Assets (including patents and other intellectual property) for acquisition. The physical assets and IP relate to proprietary hemostatic dressings and materials and represent one of the first meaningful solutions for life-threatening hemorrhagic events.  Technology Overview #210905 Confidentiality Agreement #210905 (Downloadable) Confidentiality Agreement #210905 (E-Sign with Citrix … Continued

ACT Capital Advisors Represents Topper Industries, Inc. in its Sale to Bridge Brothers

Seattle, Wash., June 23, 2021 – ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to announce that its client, Topper Industries, Inc. (“Topper Industries”) was acquired by Bridge Brothers, Inc. (“Bridge Brothers”). Topper Industries is a commercial floating marine structure manufacturer located in Woodland, Washington. ACT Capital Advisors’ Stephen Spencer and Trevor Hill advised Topper Industries with respect … Continued

Cloud-Based Location Analytics Platform

ACT Capital is pleased to offer a Cloud-Based Location Analytics Platform for acquisition. The Company is a leader in cloud-based device detection and presence analytics, with over 650 million unique devices monitored around the world. The Company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in California. Company Overview #211401 Confidentiality Agreement #211401 (PDF Download) Confidentiality … Continued

Pacific Northwest Dairy Farm & Artisanal Cheese Producer

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to offer a Pacific Northwest Dairy Farm and Artisanal Cheese Producer for acquisition. The Company’s primary business is the production and sale of bulk milk, which it sells to a large regional dairy cooperative. In 2015, the Company launched a branded line of artisanal, Italian-style cheeses, which are sold through … Continued

D2C Education Technology Platform (SaaS) for Military Personnel Preparing for Advancement

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to offer a leading exam preparation platform designed for military personnel preparing for advancement exams. The Company generates all of its sales through its own eCommerce website by originating from word-of-mouth, organic SEO and social media. Company Overview #21401 Confidentiality Agreement #21401 (Downloadable) Confidentiality Agreement #21401 (E-Sign with Citrix RightSignature) If … Continued

Tech-Enabled Sales & Distribution Company

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to offer a Tech-Enabled Sales & Distribution Company for acquisition. The Company is a Master Agent/Distributor for leading Telecom, Internet, and Cable providers – selling their products/services online via its web-based platform, and offline via affiliate retailers. The Company – founded in 2007 – is headquartered in California with offices in Colombia, India, … Continued

Commercial Glazier Located in a Major U.S. West Coast City

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to make available a Commercial Glazier, located within a major US West Coast city. The Company has multiple projects in both the private and public sectors, and excels at both new construction and historic renovations. The Company has grown significantly over the past years, both in terms of sales and profits. … Continued

VoIP & POS Hardware Design & Manufacturing Company

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to offer a VoIP & POS Hardware Design & Manufacturing Company for acquisition. Founded in 1974, the Company is an industry leader in the design and development of innovative IP endpoint solutions for SMB, Education, Government, and Public/Private sector clients around the world. Company Overview #211403 Confidentiality Agreement #211403 Confidentiality … Continued