Specialty Grading & Paving Contractor

ACT is pleased to offer a paving and grading contractor specializing in the construction of parking lots, tennis courts, and driveways for the commercial, industrial, residential, and public works markets in the Puget Sound. The Company offers decorative asphalt paving and is the only company in the region to offer this service. The Company utilizes … Continued

Fast-Growing Rustic Furniture Manufacturer & Retailer

ACT is pleased to offer for acquisition a manufacturer and retailer of rustic, log cabin furniture, which is strategically located in the idyllic Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. This unique business boasts compelling margins, attractive cash-on-cash returns, and is primed for growth. This is a turn-key operation, with an experienced team in place to continue growing the … Continued

Arizona Advanced Spray Drying Company

ACT is pleased to offer for acquisition a fast-growing, highly profitable, industry leading advanced Spray Drying company. The Company has designed and patented the most advanced process for taking “liquid formulations” and converting them to “powder substances”. “Powdered” products are much easier to transport, handle, and store, as well as provide a longer, more stable … Continued

Acoustical Ceiling Installation Contractors

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to make available two separate acoustical ceiling installation contractors in contiguous geographies.  Together, their service areas completely cover the state in which they are located, as well as surrounding geographies.  Each company may be purchased separately, or both may be purchased concurrently.  Those interested will receive two separate CIMs or … Continued

Premier Drilling & Geophysical Contractors

ACT is pleased to offer two companies that provide environmental, geophysical, and geotechnical site assessment services. Although separate corporations, the companies are owned by the same group, provide similar services, yet serve two different markets in the United States. The Companies specialize in the acquisition of subsurface data for the environmental, geotechnical, and construction communities.  … Continued

Non-Asset Based Third-Party Logistics Company

ACT Capital is pleased to offer an agent-based Non-Asset Third Party Logistics Company for acquisition. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Western Canada, the Company provides freight and transportation brokerage services to clients throughout North America.  Company Overview #212002 Confidentiality Agreement #212002 Confidentiality Agreement #212002 (E-Sign with Citrix RightSignature) If you are interested in pursuing … Continued

Specialty Grocer, Café, Catering & Online Food Retailer

ACT is pleased to offer for acquisition a specialty food store, café, catering, and e-commerce company. The Company offers a complete food shopping experience, with a focus of providing its customers with quality and locally sourced foods. In addition, the Company has its own line of branded products. The Company has developed  strong customer relationships … Continued

Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts Manufacturer

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to offer a leading manufacturer of aftermarket motorcycle components. The Company is poised for continued growth from its growing distributor and dealer direct networks as well as the Company’s distribution partnerships with other top manufacturers within the industry. The Company’s profit margin expansion will continue as revenue growth continues; established … Continued

Highly Scalable Telehealth Sleep Clinic

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to offer for acquisition a leading telehealth sleep clinic headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. The Company functions as a medical clinic focused on diagnosing and managing sleep disorders. Services include evaluation and management of patients with sleep disorders, diagnostic testing for sleep disorders, and coordination of care with other providers, … Continued