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Accelerate Your Growth and Success by Buying an Existing Business

If you have a company and want to quickly add capacity, expand into new markets and grow your customer base, buying an existing business can be an effective strategy. But it’s hard to know where to begin. How do you find businesses that fit your criteria? What is a business’s true value? How do you structure a deal that makes sense for you and the seller?

ACT Capital Advisors has been helping business owners buy existing companies since 1986. In facilitating hundreds of transactions, we’ve developed a strategic process that closes deals and ensures our clients get the best price and terms.

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Acquisition Candidates
We begin the process by examining your requirements – geography, industry, market niche, size, profitability, stage of maturity and more. We’ll source prospective businesses to find those that meet your acquisition criteria, even if they’re not for sale. Once we’ve identified targets, we’ll approach businesses that fit the desired profile.
Preliminary Analysis
ACT Capital Advisors will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the business you’re considering to determine its fair market value. Our analysis, which includes a look at potential competitors and the health of the industry, establishes realistic expectations before you embark on the purchase of the business.
Financial Due Diligence
We’ll conduct a rigorous, in-depth analysis of the target’s financial data to verify that it’s accurate and complete. We want to be sure we have a true picture of the firm’s financial condition before we begin negotiations. This exercise is critical to determining the target’s intrinsic value.
Financial Modeling
We create financial models to determine the incremental value that would likely be created in an acquisition. You’ll be able to review pro forma financial statements that show projected performance of the business in the next few years if the deal is completed. These projections are used as inputs for the valuation process.
Capital Needs
We’ll assess what money is needed to fund the transaction and provide advice on optimal debt vs. equity. We may be able to source any shortfalls from various capital sources. We can also explore the possibility of seller financing. Industry data reveals that sellers finance a portion of the purchase price in about 85% of acquisitions.
From preliminary conversations to deal closure, we skillfully navigate the transaction from initiation through closure. Often sellers also employ skilled professionals. While decisions on structure, timing, price and financing terms are up to you, leveraging our skills and decades of experience allows you to maintain a strong negotiating position.

Private Equity

ACT Capital Advisors works with private equity firms, private investors and corporate clients in specific buy-side engagements. Our knowledge of market dynamics, competitive positioning and acquisition strategies enables you to achieve your objectives. We negotiate transaction structures that combine value and tax efficiency, and design the optimal capital structure to integrate newly acquired entities.

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