Private Equity Primer – What’s Brewing?

I was recently asked by World Tea News to provide insight on the pending IPO of Teavana, since Teavana’s growth had been fueled in part by a partnership with private equity group, Parallel Investment Partners (formerly SKM Growth Investors). This is a classic case of a private equity group providing their growth capital and expertise in assisting a good company to grow and become more valuable. Now the talk is that Teavana could become the Starbucks of the tea world. I provided some insight on how private equity groups look at opportunities like this, and what they are attempting to achieve in almost any lower middle market investment. Click on the link to read the Teavana article by Editor Dan Bolton and my sidebar interview entitled “Private Equity Primer”.

We love to help our clients structure private equity deals, whether they are growth capital deals, management buyouts, 100% sales, partner buyouts, family re-capitalizations to fund retirement of the founders, or “two-bite-at-the-apple” transactions so the owners can take some money off the table now and some later. If you want to learn how it’s done, contact us via our web form or give our ACT professionals a call at 866-744-5422.

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