Creating an Auction for Your Business When You Go to Sell

ACT Capital Advisors has been helping owners sell their businesses since 1986. Through hundreds of transactions, we’ve developed a strategic process that’s highly effective in closing deals.

What is the Auction Process?
The auction process is one of the most important aspects of the sell-side engagement process. It’s a strategic approach to selling your business that involves soliciting bids from multiple qualified buyers simultaneously. This competitive environment encourages buyers to submit their best offers, driving up the value of your business and ensuring you receive the most favorable terms.

Why is it Important?
The auction process is crucial for maximizing the value of your business sale. By creating a competitive bidding environment, you have the opportunity to attract a diverse pool of qualified buyers and secure the best possible deal terms. This ensures that you achieve the highest possible sale price and set the stage for a successful transition.

How Does it Work?
Our auction process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your business to determine its market value and identify potential buyers. We then create a customized marketing strategy to promote your business to qualified buyers while maintaining confidentiality. As offers come in, we carefully evaluate each one to ensure they meet your objectives. Finally, we facilitate negotiations and help you select the best offer to close the deal.

Our Process Snapshot:

  • Custom Business Valuation
  • Customized Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Confidential Outreach to a List of Qualified Buyers
  • Strategic Auction Process
  • Negotiation and Deal Closure Support

What are Some Benefits of the Auction Process?

  • Maximize Value: Generate competitive offers to achieve the highest possible sale price.
  • Efficient Transaction: Streamline the sales process while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Diverse Pool of Buyers: Attract qualified buyers from various industries and backgrounds.
  • Expert Guidance: Leverage our experience and expertise to navigate negotiations and close the deal successfully.

On average, nearly 95 percent of our clients receive multiple offers through this process. Many of our clients even achieve over 20 percent in market value in a sale.

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About the Author
John Norton is a Managing Director at ACT Capital Advisors and leads the Company’s Technology Practice. In addition, John has closed deals in non-tech areas such as Manufacturing. He has 25 years of experience in growing and operating his own businesses that had successful exits.

John can be reached at

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