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Market Update: Strong M&A Outlook Drives Interest Among Business Owners

The Merger & Acquisition Market has returned from steep declines during the COVID-19 pandemic to record highs. 4th quarter 2020 deal flow is up 77% from the prior year.

What’s driving the market? 

Six factors are converging to create a unique exit opportunity for private company owners:

  1. Improving post-pandemic economy
  2. $ 1.7 trillion of private equity uninvested capital needed to be deployed.
  3. $ 4.0 trillion of excess cash in corporations available for acquisitions
  4. Continued low Federal Reserve interest rates.
  5. Aging baby boomers needing to exit ownership of private companies.
  6. Proposed changes in estate taxes driving different strategic planning decisions.

Our deal flow at ACT Capital Advisors is up substantially as well. As of June 15, we are actively assisting fifty-six (56) businesses in preparing their companies for sale, and we’re closing deals at a rapid pace. This up nearly 60% from our previous all-time high. 

We encourage you to ask your clients that own a private company about their exit plans, and to discuss the possibility that this might be the perfect time to consider a sale.

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