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Did COVID Change M&A Management Meetings for the Better?

The Management Meeting is a crucial step in the process of selling your business. It occurs after ACT has received an Indication of Interest (IOI) from a prospective buyer and is the first time that Buyer and Seller actually meet. Management meetings help show a potential buyer the value propositions the seller can bring, but they also allow each party to build rapport with each other.

What Happens in Management Meetings?

The seller gets the opportunity to interview each prospective buyer to make a better-informed decision. Typically, these meetings take place in person. However, many of these meetings have happened remotely due to COVID-19 related lockdowns and restrictions.

Virtualization of the Management Meeting

The abrupt shift from being in the office to working from home made us quickly comfortable with remote meetings, leading to unexpected improvements to the M&A process.

Web conferencing platforms have shortened management meetings from an all-day commitment (sometimes including dinner) to a 2-3 hour Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting.

Virtual Management Meeting Benefits

Benefit 1 – A Seller Can Consider More Buyers
Bypassing in-person sessions can help you achieve the same results in less time. A seller can meet more interested buyers with the same time commitment and effort.

Benefit 2 – Accelerated Schedule
These meetings can often take three or more weeks to plan due to travel logistics and other commitments. Remotely, these can be scheduled and completed much quicker due to greater convenience.

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