Maintain expectations beyond fair market value

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, and now you want to capitalize on all that hard work. Unfortunately, when it comes to determining the value of your company, your friends’ opinions, standardized formulas, or your own (possibly inaccurate) valuation can lead to unrealistic expectations. You need an independent estimate of your company’s … Continued

Top reasons why most businesses are sold LESS than their full value

Businesses are started for a variety of reasons. It is a rare entrepreneur who goes into business with the express purpose of selling it. If one did, every decision would be guided by the goal of preparing the business for sale. Other considerations and priorities such as new product development, accelerated growth, investment in employee … Continued

Clean-room Tape Manufacturer, Client #G33295

In Conjunction with Generational Equity, LLC The Company produces pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for use in semiconductor clean-rooms, labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other particle-free and static-free environments. The Company sells to 150 distributors who in turn sell to silicon wafer, computer chip, and pharmaceutical manufacturers who have qualified the Company’s tapes. Once qualified, end-users do … Continued

Commercial General Contractor, Client #50011

This commercial construction company specializes in a very attractive, fast growing niche in the private construction market. Over 50 years of outstanding reputation, a solid management team, which is willing to stay with acquirer, a loyal customer base and dedicated crew(s) are making this Company an excellent acquisition target. [divider_line] Gross Income: $80,000,000 Employees: 150 … Continued

Diversified Advanced Technology Manufacturer, Client #31004

The Company is a fast-growing, diversified manufacturing & field services company providing a complete range of custom design and manufacturing services to support high-tech, medical equipment, and recreational equipment, and other industrial companies. The Company’s primary SIC is 3559 (semiconductor equipment). Other SICs are 1542, 3599, 3449, 3089 and 3479. The Company’s products and services … Continued

Fast Growing Processor of Low-Level Radioactive Waste, Client #31001

[divider_line] The Company is a leading radiological waste handling and processing firm providing on-site and off-site handling and processing of low-level radioactive waste materials in the United States. The Company provides its services to clients 7 days/week, 24 hrs/day at its U.S. waste storage, handling and processing facility, as well as at client sites. Following … Continued

Full-Service Customs Brokerage and Logistics, Client #G32020

In Conjunction with Generational Equity, LLC The Company is a turn-key logistics and transportation services company with an emphasis on customs brokerage. Through its strategic West Coast locations, the Company serves over 190 accounts, primarily small- to medium-sized importers. The Company has developed a strong presence facilitating U.S. imports from Asia. Revenue is generated from … Continued

Branded Organic Teas, Client #57026

The Company imports, packages and markets organic tea products to food distributors, retailers and foreign importers. It has capitalized on thirty-five years of natural food industry entrepreneurship to build its leading brand of organically-grown beverages. The brand was created in 1989 to introduce certified organically grown teas to the natural foods marketplace in North America. … Continued

Comfort Footwear Products Company, Client #77011

Well established Northwest USA Company is a dynamic and growing manufacturer of brand name comfort footwear, apparel, home products and more. Its strong manufacturing pipeline with leading overseas manufacturers produces wide a diversity of luxury products for men, women and children. The pipeline enables the Company to provide high quality products at extremely competitive prices … Continued

Dynamic and Growing Distributor of Fire and Safety Products, Client #87011

The Company enjoys a long-standing reputation in its Northwest, United States location. The Company is a dynamic and growing company, which specializes in the sale of fire, safety and security products. The Company offers a full inventory of equipment and supplies for those who serve their community as Public Safety Professionals: Fire Departments, Law Enforcement/Police, … Continued


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