Author: Paul Hajek

How to Work Through Change

Change and conflict are both inevitable and constant. However, the reactions to change differ depending on the impact, severity, sense of personal control/ involvement, cultural expectations and environmental factors. Using various sources, I developed a model that describes the different reactions to change. Generally, there are four observable behaviors: Denial Denial can vary from a … Continued

Effective Delegation

A very common dilemma facing business owners and managers is the decision of delegation- both when to start delegating and how to implement it. This article and accompanying exercise are resources to help guide you if you are feeling reluctant to delegate. In order to free up time to focus on big-picture business decisions, business … Continued

Five Things That Will Make Your Business More Profitable

Improving business profits is often a challenging project. There are a lot of moving parts in most companies. To get them all working together and delivering a decent bottom line can be frustrating. It leaves entrepreneurs wrestling with the question: How can I make my business more profitable? There‚Äôs an approach that consistently delivers solid … Continued

Increasing Profits in 2018

As 2017 came to an end, you might be thinking about ways to increase profits of your business in 2018.  If growing your profits is important to you, then this article is written for you! In this article, I will ask you a series of questions.  These questions are centered on the most basic and … Continued