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Exit Optimization Advisory Services

The ACT Consulting Group (ACG) provides strategic advisory services to help companies optimize their business models and prepare for a successful exit. You can't control the M&A cycle, but you can control whether your business is ready to be sold. If you plan to leave your business within the next several years, now is the time to optimize and deal with the many areas that need improvement. Our goal is to make your business "sale ready". By being sale ready, you'll be able to get the highest possible valuation -- at the best possible time.

Here are the areas where ACG can improve your business:

Business Model Assessment

ACG will evaluate your current business model and make recommendations to ensure the necessary foundation is in place to support long-term profitability. Through detailed cash growth mapping, we help businesses see current growth trajectories, and advise on actionable steps to put your business on the path of exponential growth.

Financial Systems

ACG is an expert at analyzing financial systems to ensure profitability is maximized. We will conduct a thorough audit to catch and fix all potential oversights that are costing your business, and ensure your financial systems are accurate and audit ready. Beyond quick fixes to maximize profit, ACG will provide strategic recommendations to ensure effective cash flow tracking and profit tracking systems are in place to support long-term growth, and that useful data can be accessed for strategic planning.

Sales & Marketing

ACG helps refine your marketing and sales initiatives to strategically communicate your unique value proposition and service offering to the target audience. We provide a systematic approach for determining what customer’s value, and help adjust your pricing strategy and messaging to drive revenue. ACG will also provide recommendations for improving the customer experience and likelihood for repeat business and referrals, ensuring a quality experience from initial contact to sale (or service) and follow-up. Brand audits can also be conducted to ensure your value proposition and communications are consistent across all customer touchpoints.

Personnel Management

ACG offers expertise in all facets of personnel management, from staffing strategy to employee engagement and development. Having happy, productive, inspired, and successful employees doesn’t just happen – it requires effective communication and systems in place to support their engagement and the overall health of your organization. ACG offers a framework for assessing employee engagement, and uses that data and insight to formulate an action plan for addressing systems or interpersonal dynamics that directly impact your bottom line.

What’s Next?

The next step is a complimentary half-hour consultation with an ACG Advisor. This enables you to learn more about ACG and the exit planning process. The call will also allow us to learn more about your business and where we can make the biggest impact. By the end of the call, we’ll be able to give you a high level plan on what we can do for you and how we can work together.

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