Unique Rustic Furniture Retailer & Custom Manufacturer

ACT is pleased to offer a rustic furniture and accessory retailer and custom manufacturer located in Idaho. The Company offers rustic furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining and office, as well as upholstered furniture and a variety of rustic lighting, mantles, beddings, artwork, and more.  A large portion of the furniture is American-made, with about 30% of that being built on-site. The Company sources its other products from high quality, reputable suppliers. The Company also builds custom furniture, which it does so quickly, while upholding high quality standards. 

To receive the Confidential Information Memorandum, please execute the Confidentiality Agreement and return it to Madison Brown, ACT Associate.

Email: mbrown@actcapitaladvisors.com

Phone: 425.501.8406

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