High-End Dog Apparel Manufacturer with Successful Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce Site

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to offer a leading manufacturer of breed-specific dog apparel. The Company has developed a loyal following of high-income dog owners who are willing to spend an average of $136 per order. The Company generates the vast majority of its sales through its own eCommerce website by using organic SEO and  social media. The Company is the market leader in its niche and as a result has high gross profits and EBITDA margins. It consistently achieves double digit annual revenue growth.

Company Overview #21402

Confidentiality Agreement #21402 (Downloadable)

Confidentiality Agreement #211402 (E-Sign with Citrix RightSignature)

If you are interested in pursuing this acquisition further, kindly execute the Confidentiality Agreement linked above and return it to John Norton at jnorton@actcapitaladvisors.com. If you have questions, you can reach John at 206-486-3409.

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