Acoustical Ceiling Installation Contractors

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to make available two separate acoustical ceiling installation contractors in contiguous geographies.  Together, their service areas completely cover the state in which they are located, as well as surrounding geographies.  Each company may be purchased separately, or both may be purchased concurrently.  Those interested will receive two separate CIMs or you may request a CIM for only one of the two companies.

Combined #211201-211202 Teaser

#211201 Buyer NDA

#211202 Buyer NDA

#211201 Buyer NDA (e-sign)

#211202 Buyer NDA (e-sign)

To receive the Confidential Information Memorandum, please execute the Confidentiality Agreement and return it to Joey Ravner, ACT Associate.


Phone: 949.542.9585

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