Leading Food & Beverage Marketing Services Company

ACT is pleased to offer for acquisition a leading food and beverage marketing services company, specializing in performing independent product taste analysis by trained and certified chefs. Using their proprietary sensory analysis methodology, the Company awards one product per category for Best Taste.  

Awards by this Company are recognized and highly regarded in the food and beverage industry. Receiving an award by this Company enables its customers to integrate the award into their marketing strategies, making their marketing campaigns more impactful, their brands stronger, while expanding sales to new clients and strengthening loyalty with existing ones.   

The Company offers additional marketing services to assist companies in optimizing their marketing using their award, from strategy and tactics to digital asset development for digital advertising and product packaging. 

The Company’s unique product tasting methodology together with its team of master tasters (all trained, certified, and experienced chefs), have created the industry’s highest integrity food and beverage taste awards that are highly valued by food and beverage producers worldwide.     

To receive the Confidential Information Memorandum, please execute the Confidentiality Agreement and return it to Hardy Lipscomb, ACT Managing Director.

Email: hlipscomb@actcapitaladvisors.com

Phone: 925.998.2333

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