California MedTech Product Manufacturer

ACT Capital Advisors is pleased to offer a highly profitable medical technology company for acquisition. The Company’s core business is advancing the art of aesthetic and regenerative injectables. The Company  designs, patents, and manufactures proprietary medical products for the harvesting, processing, and deployment of FDA 361 compliant autologous soft tissue. Over 300 Doctors are using the value products in the fields of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery applications, regenerative medicine including orthopedic surgery, pain management, and anti-aging procedures.  

The company has experienced tremendous acceptance of it’s products in the local California market. These proven products have unlimited growth potential with the development or adoption of a channel for distribution.

To receive the Confidential Information Memorandum, please execute the Confidentiality Agreement and return it to Jeff Zanardi, ACT Managing Director.


Phone: 408.832.7241

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