Texas-Based Midstream Oil & Gas Services Company

For more high-level information about the Company, please click on the Company Overview above.

If you are interested in learning detailed information about this Company, then please download and sign the Confidentiality Agreement (CA) and return it to us. Once we receive a properly signed CA from you, we will then send you a copy of Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) that discloses detailed, in depth information about the Company.

You can either choose to signed the CA automatically via the RightSignature link above or by downloading the CA PDF, signing it, and returning the signed PDF to Josef Ravner at jravner@actcapitaladvisors.com.

Please be advised that ACT Capital Advisors cannot field any requests for information about this offering beyond what is contained in the attached Company Overview without a signed Confidentiality Agreement from a potential buyer.

Questions? Please contact Chris Sheppard, Vice-President, CSheppard@actcapitaladvisors.com or at:

425 387 4988.

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