Dynamic and Growing Distributor of Fire and Safety Products, Client #87011

The Company enjoys a long-standing reputation in its Northwest, United States location. The Company is a dynamic and growing company, which specializes in the sale of fire, safety and security products. The Company offers a full inventory of equipment and supplies for those who serve their community as Public Safety Professionals: Fire Departments, Law Enforcement/Police, Emergency Medical Services, Homeland Security/Military, Municipal and Community Services.

Merchandise is purchased from a diverse group of suppliers including some of the best-known manufacturers in the world, and keeps a wide selection of inventory on hand to fill the immediate needs of any department. Products offerings are from the latest fire & rescue gear, personal protective equipment, law enforcement, tactical tools, paramedic supplies, uniforms, footwear and badges. The Company offers a great selection of personalized clothing for casual and off-duty wear. Not included in the Company’s inventory are weapons and ammunition.


Sales: $8,815,000
EBITDA: $1,568,000


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