Diversified Advanced Technology Manufacturer, Client #31004

The Company is a fast-growing, diversified manufacturing & field services company providing a complete range of custom design and manufacturing services to support high-tech, medical equipment, and recreational equipment, and other industrial companies. The Company’s primary SIC is 3559 (semiconductor equipment). Other SICs are 1542, 3599, 3449, 3089 and 3479. The Company’s products and services include wet processing equipment, custom retrofits and upgrades, specialty products, high precision machining services, and a wide range of other support services. The Company offers full equipment manufacturing services for OEMs who “out-source”. Company services include: advanced technology manufacturing services (with clean room), precision metal machining, metal fabrication, plastic fabrication, high-tech rigging and construction, and maintenance. The company has achieved profitability and growth performance well in excess of industry averages.
The Company has grown rapidly since founding in 1989 and has achieved exceptional profitability. The company more than tripled revenues since 1999. In the 4-year period since 1999, the Company has grown gross revenues, gross profit margin, and EBITDA at compound annual growth rates (CAGR) of 33%, 29% and 30% respectively. The Company’s EBITDA/Sales ratio of 24.0% in 2003(E), was well in excess of industry averages. Management attributes its high level of profitability to offering one stop shopping for its customers, the extensive use of automation, and a cross-trained non-union work force that is much more readily kept fully utilized. The company has maintained and increased sales when the high tech industry was declining. The Company achieved these results by diversifying its customer base, while maintaining relations with the Company’s traditional customers and other basic industrial customers.


Revenue: $5.5 million
EBITDA: $1.9 million
Employees: 48


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