Clean-room Tape Manufacturer, Client #G33295

In Conjunction with Generational Equity, LLC

The Company produces pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for use in semiconductor clean-rooms, labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other particle-free and static-free environments. The Company sells to 150 distributors who in turn sell to silicon wafer, computer chip, and pharmaceutical manufacturers who have qualified the Company’s tapes. Once qualified, end-users do not typically switch products. For example, the Company has been Intel’s primary supplier of clean-room tape for over twelve years. The Company maintains its competitive advantage by offering flexible and expedient customer service, high quality and a wide range of products, and its willingness and know-how necessary to work with distributors on new products. Although 90% of the Company’s revenue comes from just 10 of its 500 SKUs, being prepared to ship the less common tape on short notice is vital to the Company’s success. Revenue is generated from customers in North America (76% of sales), Pacific Rim (20%), Europe (3%), and Asia (1%).


Gross Income: $2,500,000
EBITDA: $865,000


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