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Founded in 1986, ACT Capital Advisors is a nationwide M&A advisory firm serving the lower to middle market. We specialize in sell-side and buy-side M&A, as well as corporate finance. Our unique Auction Process results in the best transaction price and terms when selling a business.

Industry Groups

ACT Capital Advisors will assemble a team of experts familiar with your industry to sell your business. Below are some of the key industries in which we have deep experience and contacts.

Information Technology
M&A activity has been a constant in this industry as innovative niche companies bring new ideas and products to market. Industry giants with deep pockets are continually looking to acquire inventive companies that will broaden their reach.
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With energy production and efficiency critical to U.S. economic growth, this industry is continually evolving, revealing new opportunities for growth. Investments in energy technology and changing market dynamics fuel M&A activity.
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Business Services
An industry of extreme breadth and depth, globalization drives M&A activity as service providers expand overseas and build market share. Companies in this space tend to be asset-light, people-rich businesses with valuations on the rise.
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M&A activity and interest in this industry is continuing to attract new investors. The accelerated adoption of telemedicine and the rise of new healthcare resources are driving M&A volume and transaction value across the industry.
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Food, Beverage, & Agribusiness
M&A activity in the food, beverage, and agribusiness space continues to surge, as strategic buyers boost activity.
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With years of experience in the sector, the Industrials team at ACT Capital Advisors has a specialized focus. We possess a deep understanding of the industry's dynamics and are knowledgeable about the aspects that private equity buyers prioritize. This expertise enables us to achieve exceptional outcomes for our clients.
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Transportation & Logistics
Companies that facilitate the flow of goods throughout the U.S., the world’s largest consumer market, seek to strengthen their operating platforms by expanding into new markets, integrating new services, and growing their enterprise footprint.
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Pent-up demand combined with low interest rates and government investment in infrastructure is positioning this industry for unparalleled growth. Technology-driven innovations and increased margin pressures will likely fuel M&A opportunities.
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Consumer Products
A highly cyclical sector, consumer product companies reflect general economic conditions. When the economy surges and dips, M&As take place as companies with good cash flow seek to acquire competitors that are struggling.
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Our Services

Sell-Side: Our proven process optimizes your business’s market value and exposes your company to multiple qualified buyers. Learn more.

Buy-Side: You tell us your acquisition criteria, and we use our deep industry contacts and seller database to identify opportunities for investment that match your objectives. Learn more.

Exit Preparation: You can only sell your business once. Let our Exit Preparation team assess your organization, resolve any issues and enhance your appeal to buyers for the best outcome. Learn more.

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The ACT Auction Process

  • Assemble an ACT team of analysts with proven expertise in your industry 
  • Expose your business to our buyer network and other target prospects 
  • Facilitate offers from multiple, qualified bidders competing for your business
  • Negotiate the best price and terms for selling your business 
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